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The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association currently has eight academies, each of which address a different aspect or practice setting of pharmacy. Each and every PPA member is entitled to select one Academy for its primary affiliation and then may also opt to select a secondary academy. The secondary affiliation is one of non-voting. There is no additional charge for these affiliations; it is included in your PPA dues.

Each Academy has its own set of Bylaws and may hold a brief meeting in conjunction with PPA’s Annual and/or Mid-Year Conferences. Each Academy may elect to provide its own additional services within certain guidelines. These could include CE programs, meetings and conferences, teleconferences, newsletters and bulletins, and other forums to discuss the issues particular to their practice setting.   

Academy Director 

Members within each Academy elect a Director to represent their practice setting interests on the PPA Board of Directors.

Academy Director Job Description.

The Academies are:

(listed in alphabetical order)

Academy of Alternative Practice Settings

Pharmacists in nutritional/herbal, oncology, nuclear, home infusion, compounding or managed care pharmacists, and academia. 

Academy of Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technician members of PPA, open to all pharmacy technicians in all practice settings, whether certified or not. For more information specific to Pharmacy Technicians, click here.

Academy of Chain Pharmacists

Pharmacists working as staff for a chain pharmacy or in a management or supervisory role for a chain. Chain may include any multiple location company. 

Academy of Community Pharmacists

Pharmacists who are independent pharmacy owners and other community practitioners. 

Academy of Health System Pharmacists

Pharmacists in acute care institutional setting, ambulatory care setting, managed care setting, infusion therapy and home care. 

Academy of Long Term Care and Consultant Pharmacists

Pharmacists serving in a consulting role or in long term care. 

Academy of Pharmacy Industry Associates

Pharmacists and non-pharmacists who market services and products to pharmacists and pharmacies. 

Academy of Student Pharmacists 

Students in an accredited Pharmacy school may enroll as a student member, in any year.  For more information on PPA-ASP, click here. For more information specific to student pharmacists, click here.


PPA Members - If you would like to check or change your Academy affiliation, please see your online profile or please email PPA.


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